Vision and Mission

The Institute’s Tasks:

  • To conduct studies on contemporary Asia and on Eurasia seen as one entity, upon cultural and historic context and modern initiatives directed to reactivate the mechanism of the Silk Road (including a cultural and historic context, as well as analysis of national and regional perspectives of looking at the phenomena);
  • To prepare special, innovative didactic programmes, for instance within the framework of Summer Schools organized by the Vistula University and devoted to topics covering a contemporary Asia, the Silk Road, including their cultural and historic background. They will be conducted in a multidisciplinary and multicultural spirit, in Polish and foreign languages;
  • To ensure a thesis supervision (based on the rules generally accepted in Vistula) for a group of students (local and foreign), writing a PhD dissertation;
  • To develop international contacts, including arranging for conferences to discuss the mainstream studies and didactics;
  • To prepare research initiatives to be financed by outside sources, to process the research outcome for publication and distribution.