Announcement – seminar Great Powers and South East Asia: Next Deal

Asian Studies Center at the Vistula Group of Universities cordially invites you to the first in this academic semester seminar „Wielkie mocarstwa, a Azja Południowo-Wschodnia: kolejne rozdanie” (Great Powers and South East Asia: Next Deal). The introductory speech will be delivered by Ambassador Krzysztof Szumski, eminent diplomat and expert in international politics, Polish Ambassador to the Republic of China in 2005-2009, Republic of Indonesia in 2000-2004, and earlier – in Thailand and the Philippines. Ambassador Szumski is also a long-term Director of the Department of Asia and Pacific Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Director of the Office of International Affairs at the Polish Parliament in 2004-2005. He specializes in the issues of China and in the analysis of relations between Europe and Asia, especially within the so-called. ASEM process. He is the author of numerous publications and participant of key international scientific conferences.

We invite you on

Friday, October 27th at 3:00 pm to the Senate Hall (room 21)

The seminar will be led in Polish.