Magdalena Rybicka

Deputy Director for Organizational Issues, the Asia Research Institute – Magdalena Rybicka

Economist, senior lecturer at AFiB Vistula, deputy director in charge of economic educational programme at AFiB Vistula.

Graduate, Cybernetics Department, Military University of Technology, Warsaw (2008). Also postgraduate studies on research methodology in economic science at AFiB Vistula (2014), a doctoral student at the Faculty of Business and International Relations at Vistula University. Lectures on macro- as well as on microeconomy, also classes on patents and innovations as a cutting edge for enterprises (AFiB). Her scientific interests and publications (over 20 publications in the IF journals and monographs) combine interdisciplinary issues related to the development of Asian states, risk analysis and innovations.
She was a frequent speaker at domestic and international conferences.
A member of the Polish Economic Society, and a member in the Young Scientists Team affiliated with the Forecasts Committee “Polska 2000 Plus”  (Polish Academy of Sciences – PAN).
She has a vast experience, 15 years of work for the state administration, including 10 years in MoF.
Hobby: horse riding (competitor, dressage coach) and travels.